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The cast of Turning the Glass Around - from left to right: Kristen Hung, Don Castro, Carmen Gill, Topher Mikels




Huffington Post review by Rachel Mason

"A remarkable new play, Turning the Glass Around, by Pia Wilson, fearlessly plunges into the ever-morphing conversation about immigration, race and class. Turning the Glass Around evokes images of Death of A Salesman. Wilson creates a nuanced pressure cooker played out when an economic and emotional meltdown befalls a young interracial couple striving towards the American dream. They forge ahead in spite of their difficult financial circumstances and their parents' cultural expectations of them."


Hi! Drama review by Leslie Dileo

"The basics of this play are top quality: the acting is excellent—genuine, natural, and graceful. The dialogue flows naturally, and there is never a false note. The characters are by turn tender, frustrated, angry, pleading and loving with each other—and you can empathize with each of their points of view, which adds to the show's tension: you believe that there is a lot at stake for each character.


CultureCatch review by Leah Richards

Pia Wilson's new play, Turning the Glass Around, interweaves the naturalistic and the theatrical, the rational and the seemingly irrational, and the everyday and the supernatural in order to interrogate other, contemporary American hybridities.The interracial marriage of Philip and Daina Lee (Don Castro and Carmen Gill) comprises the vehicle for Wilson's deconstruction of "America" and its “Dream” in the tradition of playwrights such as Suzan-Lori Parks and David Henry Hwang.


StageBuddy review by Tina Ramnarine

Turning the Glass Around is a poignant drama about a Korean American man’s unraveling following the death of his father. Written by Pia Wilson and now playing at Teatro Circulo, the play is an in-depth exploration of grief and mental illness in the face of racism and disillusionment with the American Dream.

Larry Powell and Keona Welch
The Flower Thief (Production Still) - Larry Powell as Young Clark and Keona Welch as Young Angela




nytheatre.com review by Martin Denton

"Wilson's writing is strong, loaded with powerful images and sometimes poetic phrasing. She's added a twist at the end of the play that I absolutely didn't see coming..."


The Happiest Medium review by Karen Tortora-Lee

"The Flower Thief by Pia Wilson is an utterly captivating, bittersweet story of yearning, loss, and unrelenting pain. It weaves past with present, hope with heartache, and in between the quiet moments the story – like a flower – blossoms, bursts, and then quietly withers in an achingly beautiful arc that leaves the audience with a feeling of both completion as well as conjecture.


Theatre is Easy review by Regina Robbins

BOTTOM LINE: An ambitious new play about love, loss, and destiny, The Flower Thief will move you, surprise you, and possibly leave you wondering what it all meant.